Sonia Leong

Sonia a multi-award winning Manga creator. Her best-sellers include Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, Draw Manga: Complete Skills and Manga Your World, sold worldwide and in numerous editions and languages.

She has worked for TokyoPop, Self-Made Hero, Image Comics, Hachettes, VIZ Media, Titan Comics, Walker Books, Search Press and many more across the comic book industry, children’s books, educational publishing, periodicals, television and advertising.

She is also the Company Secretary of Sweatdrop Studios, a comic collaborative and independent publisher of Manga and is currently working on her original illustrated fantasy novel series, the Chronicles Of Ciel.

Sonia will be running a manga workshop at Meanwhile… Worthing 2018

Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Warwick Johnson Cadwell has been drawing stories as long as he can remember: through school, university and all the day jobs he has done.

He has illustrated books for Kane Miller Books, Walker Books, and magazines including New Republic, Fortean Times, and frequent appearances in The Guardian.

Having received enthusiastic encouragement from others through his blog, he began working in comics. Over the last couple of years, his work has appeared in Birdsong, New British ComicsSolipsistic Pop and West comic anthologies.

He produced the comic Derek Danger with his frequent collaborator Robert Ball, The 24 Hour comic Tom Hand, done at the 2014 Lakes Festival, and more recently he has been drawing Tank Girl.


Jessica S Kemp aka ‘Mcschmesh’ or ‘Sage’ has worked in and around comics since ’92. Cutting her teeth at an early age with some of the industry’s most lauded creators she was lucky enough to land herself slap bang in the middle of the ’90s comics ‘glitterati’ and ‘Brit Pop’ scenes in ‘Sunny’ Worthing on the south coast of England.

She has moved in and out of the comics scene for over thirteen years via print production of fine art titles, events and PR. Returning to work with the small press scene in the late noughties she has stayed with comics publishing ever since. She has subsequently worked with and for Underfire comics, Strip (Brighton), Aces Weekly, Nine Worlds, Sequential, Soaring Penguin comics and the London Burlesque Festival.

She continues to collaborate with creators in the industry on her new project ‘Missed Deadline’ due to launch as a print edition on 18.8.18 and available to read online at

Rob Ball

Rob is an illustrator, designer and comic maker, living and working in London. He draws the ‘Beautiful Death’ series for HBO’s Game of Thrones, and is currently working on the covers for the Fighting Fantasy series of gamebooks.

Sarah Millman

Sarah is a writer and artist best known for her indie comics, The Heart of Time and NPC Tea. A Kickstarter veteran, she crowdfunded vol 1 of Heart of Time and issues 3-5 of NPC Tea through the platform, and also teaches comics workshops in schools and libraries in Wales.

She’s also worked in the games industry as a 2D artist and script writer (most notably on Master Reboot, 2013). She currently lives in Cardiff where she plays a lot of DnD and drinks more tea than is healthy.