Meanwhile… Comic Con is proud to announce exhibitor Galaxafreaks!

GalaXafreaks: Freaky all ages science fiction

Far out space adventure inside the head of the Higgs Boson Baby. Interdimensional mysteries starring weirdo freakmeisters!

“No one else blends the bizarre with the unconventional with the colourful to create such a fun, cool comic!” –
Do you like puking rainbows and travelling sideways in time? How about meeting a future you from another dimension?
Then  get your hands on this freaky, all ages, sci-fi comics today and discover the most colourful, slapstick, space weirdos you’ll ever see in print that Comics Unknown is calling ‘The Woodstock of comics’!
The goal of Galaxafreaks has always been to share my love of comics and the immense, cosmic reality of our universe ( and even the multiverse!). I like to tell stories that not only bend your mind with amazing science stuff (no independently verified facts were harmed in the creation of this comic) but also have a good laugh at slime, blobs and weird space dudes who can operate on a whole range of scales and dimensions! Oh! And the whole story takes part inside the head of a baby no bigger than a Higgs Boson particle!