John Higgins!

John Higgins is a professional comic artist, probably best known for his colour work on Watchmen.

Angelo Tirotto

Writer and co-creator of Image Comics horror hit No Place Like Home, and the forthcoming Manwolfs and new horror title, Maleficium.

Funky Spaceport

Intergalactic Space Funk! Comics, art, Dinosaurs and the occasional psychotic hallucination.

Suicidal Toys

No toys were harmed in the making of our comics!

Suicidal Toys: home to writer Gwen Kortsen and artist Angela Wraight.

Brian ‘Clank’ Bennett

Brian ‘Clank’ Bennett is an artist, musician and comic creator producing graphic novels such as ‘A Bridge Over Clouds’ and the comic series ‘FishTank’.


Andrew Pawley is a pencil squeezer living on the South Coast of England, who’s been drawing comics for years.

Blue Fox Comics

Blue Fox Comics are an independent UK small press publisher of comics, based in West Sussex.

They also are the organisers of Meanwhile… Comic Cons.

Countdown to Meanwhile... Chichester 2018










We’re all about the comics at Meanwhile…! We’ll have a great selection of artists, writers and small press ready to impress you with their latest offerings!




The great people at Comics, Games & Coffee, Chichester’s fantastic comic shop, will be hosting card and game tournaments all day!



We can’t wait to see your cosplays! We’ll be holding a contest during the con, and we’ll make sure you have plenty of those important photo opportunities!



Above all else, we want Meanwhile… to be a lot of fun! Whether it’s your very first comic con, or you’re a seasoned veteran, Meanwhile… will be an experience you’ll never forget!


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